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Emil Hartmann - Trio in B flat major, op. 10 - Eskar Trio

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Emil Hartmann - Trio in B flat major, op. 10 - Eskar Trio


Emil Hartmann - Trio in B flat major, op. 10 Eskær Trioen : Violin: Julie Eskær. Cello: Emilie Eskær. Piano, Charlotte Thanning. I. Poco andante - Allegro II. Scherzo: Allegro vivace III. Andante IV. Poco andante - Allegro vivace Wilhelm Zinn Emilius Hartmann (21 February 1836 in Copenhagen, July 18, 1898 in Copenhagen) was a Danish composer, organist and conductor. Emil Hartmann was the son of J.P.E. Hartmann. He showed early musical ability and began to compose even as a little boy. Music instruction he received from his father and his brother Niels W. Gade. He began studies at the University of Copenhagen, but jumped off to devote himself to a music. In 1858 he performed his first major assignment as a composer, when he and August Winding was commissioned to compose music for Bournonville ballet Mountain room. In 1859 he received a scholarship and went on a study tour to Germany, where he mainly stayed in Leipzig. Returned to Denmark he got a position as organist from 1861 at St. John's Church in Copenhagen, and from 1871 at Christiansborg Palace Chapel. In Denmark he had a hard time getting out of the shadows as his father's son and Gade's brother, and he shared continue its activities between Denmark and Germany, where he made frequent concert tours and directing his own works.

Of his extant letters you can see that he had a violent temper, and often felt that he was treated less favorably than he deserved.

He let himself repeatedly hospitalized in insane hospitals to be treated for his mental ills. In 1873 he retired as organist to devote himself to life as a composer and conductor.

In 1890-92 he was the conductor of the Music Society 

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